Inaugural Post – Private Placement Life Insurance

Inaugural Post – Private Placement Life Insurance.

About gerrynowotny

I am a tax and estate planning attorney with a JD and LL.M in estate planning from the Univesity of Miami School of Law. I have worked in the life insurance industry for twenty three years and the last eleven in private placement life insurance.
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2 Responses to Inaugural Post – Private Placement Life Insurance

  1. Karl Ohrman says:

    Love your stuff. I am an investor in and a board member of karlsberg International Life Insurance Company based in Belize. Both the president, Wayne Kurtz, and I llive in Pittsburgh. (Go Steelers)
    Would it be possible to set up a phone conversation with you this Thursdasay? Both Wayne and I are free all day. If this doesn’t work for you, could yo suggest a day after Christmas? Wayne and I would very much like to talk with you.
    Merry Christmas, Karl Ohrman

    • gerrynowotny says:


      Sorry for the delay. Let me know the time on Thrusday and that should work. I grew up in the Panama Canal Zone in the Pirates era of Stennet and Sanguillen. A number of CZ kids played inthe pirates farm system. We were Steelers fans by default.

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